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Guitar Scales For The Intermediate Guitarist

I have been asked many times if it is possible to create a lesson for guitar scales. So this is in the process of currently being produced for release soon. And will also be available on this site.

What seems to be a common problem is when pupils learn scales they loose keenest because they have not learnt how to apply the scales. So for example often a scale has a colour or mood sound attached to it. So a major scale is often thought of as bright and in an up mood as opposed to a minor scale which has a darker flavour to it, a sadder personality.

Also guitarists do not apply guitar scales to neck patterns. These patterns can work with many different scales as they are a pre-set sequence of notes. The effect of this is to immediately make the scale sound wider and more interesting.

Practicing patterns will also improve the guitarist's confidence, speed, tuneing and their ability to work music pieces out, improving their musical ear. Their technique and accuracy will greatly move forward. Improving playing music scales is not something to be avoided but in fact a must in order to become a better player.

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