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How to practice guitar


Practice is best on a consistent regular basis ideally at least once a day of organised guitar playing. Improvement will be speeded up with directional, structured best practicing techques.Try and break down your playing into sections which might include for example warm up exercises, basic scales, simple chords, ear training and tuning methods. Add to this list as your playing improves and grows.

Spend may be 20 minutes on each. When you practice be disciplined, concentrate and put real effort in to improve. Be patient, play slowly at first perhap use a metronome and then step by step increase your speed but when you make a mistake slow down and start again. Try and get one practice piece right first then move on to the next but still keep replaying what you have already learnt. To expand your playing repertoire.

Try and get out regularly to see gigging bands playing live as you often will learn different styles and new playing tricks. But best of all it will be a great motivator to practice harder and boost your enthusiasm as you will have a goal to strive for. Perhaps start jamming with friends even if they play other instruments which you think would not marry to a guitar or other music genres to your own personal tastes, as it is all good experience for you to become a well rounded player with a wide background of musical knowledge. Everyone learns and interepts their instrument in a different manner, you can observe this get endless new ideas.

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