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There is one thing that every keen guitar player needs to do before they start strumming, but many overlook – and that is to search for home insurance quotes. Just think about the money you have spent on your guitar and how much it means to you. Then you will realise why good cover is so important – but how can you get a policy that meets your needs?

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is split into two elements – buildings insurance and contents insurance – which can either be bought separately or combined:

- Buildings insurance: This covers the structure of your home as well as its permanent fixtures and fittings. Some policies also cover outbuildings as well as accidental damage to underground pipes, cables and more. Typically the risks covered include storm damage, fire damage, theft, vandalism and flooding.

- Contents insurance: Protects the items you keep within your home such as furniture, household goods, carpets, clothing and so on. Risks covered may include flooding, theft, malicious damage, storm damage, explosions and water leaks.

Guitars are therefore covered under the contents aspect of a home insurance policy.

What should you look out for?

When looking to cover a guitar under contents insurance, you should read the terms and conditions carefully and be aware of:

- Policy limits: Most policies have a cap on how much you can insure a single item for – typically this is in the region of £1,500. So if you own a particularly expensive guitar you may have to specify this item to the insurer and pay an additional premium for cover.

- Excess: This is your payment towards a claim. So for example if you have an excess of £100 and you make a successful claim of £500 then you will cover the first £100 with the insurer paying the remaining £400.

- Exclusions: These are circumstances in which you are not covered. For example, your guitar may be covered against accidental damage but may not be covered against accidental damage caused by children or pets.

What about taking your guitar outside the home?

Some home insurance policies will cover certain items you take outside the home under what is known as personal possessions or all risks cover.

Normally there are a number of caveats associated with personal possessions cover including:

- Time limit: You may be able to take items outside the home but only for a certain number of days – typically around 60 days per annum.

- Location restrictions: Some policies will cover your guitar when you travel anywhere in the world, but others will restrict you to the UK or Europe only.

- Excess: There may be an increased excess associated with personal possessions cover claims.

Look into what risks you are protected against – for example, is your guitar covered against damage from ultra violet rays, humidity, fires, mechanical damage or other external damage? You should also check to see what exclusions apply to the personal possessions cover. For example, items may not be covered while in transit; and you may not be covered if you are using your guitar for professional purposes.

Are there specialist policies available?

Covering your guitar under a home insurance policy can be a good way of giving yourself peace of mind – but what if you can’t find a policy that adequately meets your needs?

In this case you may wish to consider a specialist musical instrument insurance policy. These policies are tailored towards musicians, groups and even orchestras and may include features such as worldwide all risks cover; depreciation as a result of damage; professional damage; loss or damage while in use; theft from unattended vehicles; theft from your place of work; damage in transit; cover for extras such as guitar strings; and cover for the cost of hiring alternative instruments in the event of a successful claim.

Which policy is right for you?

It is well worth shopping around for home insurance cover using a comparison website to get an overview of the quotes available as well as the policy terms so you can see exactly what cover is in place for your items. There are many ways to bring home insurance premiums down too – such as by increasing the security of your home with burglar alarms; reducing the fire risk with smoke alarms; raising your voluntary excess; and by paying premiums upfront on an annual basis.

However, if you own a particularly expensive guitar then you may want a specialist policy to protect you against additional risks particularly if you play your guitar professionally or abroad.

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