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So, you play classical/Spanish guitar and want to move up from your first instrument to a better quality one, more suitable for an intermediate level. Perhaps you are a teacher, travelling between students, wanting a good quality instrument to teach on but which doesn’t send you crying into your beer every time it gets the inevitable scratch and dent?

You search the music shops, you research on line and the same old makes and models keep coming up every time. They look and sound o.k. but you were hoping for something better for your hard earned money…….enter, ‘Abanico’ Guitars.

One model, one price but with a choice of solid spruce or cedar table.  Beautifully constructed with rosewood back, sides, fingerboard and bridge, mahogany neck and feature Der Jung machine heads. The price includes a lightweight, solid case and a money back guarantee if the purchaser is unhappy for ANY reason.

Lin Flanagan, writer for ‘Acoustic Magazine’, reviewed the Abanico 1a guitar. These are his conclusions:
“At the price that these guitars are offered, they are an absolute steal. But the fact that they come with a hard case makes the price outrageous. If you're looking to step up from the traditional sub-£150 beginners guitar range, you'll be hard-pushed to get a better guitar for £245 than an Abanico. Most European-built guitars of this quality are only available for around twice the price.”



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