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You can quickly move forward from boring bedroom practice and progress easily with starting simple to follow first guitar lessons - for the guitarist who wants to begin to play and learn

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"I found the first guitar school learner DVD easy to follow and you cut all the waffle" D.P. Poole UK
"Nice one I have pitched some of your runs demonstrated for my first decent guitar solo" G D Hants UK
"This dvd is very structured and easy to navigate, and you explain in great detail every aspect of the electric guitar that a novice and intermediate guitarist would like to know and more. Very easy to digest! I loved it!" F Ellefsen of

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7 Reasons Why Thousands of Guitar Players Know You Need to Be Using this Simple to Follow DVD so You Will Easily Learn and Improve Your Electric Guitar Playing - Fast

1. You are a new beginner and not sure what is the best way to start and first play guitar - This teaching DVD shows fundamental techniques that advance and take you in easy and simple sequenced steps advancing your guitar playing to intermediate and higher levels

2. You find starting to play the guitar so difficult to learn - Simply constructed and easy to follow guidance enables the foundation that allows both your skill level and confidence to grow quickly

3. You get bored and loose interest in practicing quickly - Your increasing confidence creates the necessary sense of accomplishment that automatically leads to playing enjoyment and fun learning the guitar

4. You practice but never seem to improve much - By building a solid foundation of essential knowledge you will progress knowing chords, scales, timing, tuning, effects and song playing

5. You have some experience or starting guitar but want to get much better - These lessons are hand picked and tailored from the important aspects of guitar playing to accelerate and optimise your ability

6. You find playing guitar is really difficult to interpret - By getting you started with the right basics and covering many different, ideas, techniques, secrets and tricks your playing will make a quantum leap forward to expert confident player

7. You find it hard to find a good lesson - My many years of playing experience give you lessons that use tried and tested methods that really work meaning you can avoid mistakes and time wasting - simply these lessons are a must know

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Learn How to Play Electric Guitar

Our aim is your playing progress with fun

Instruction topics covered include:-

  • The anatomy and components of the guitar
  • Stringing and changing strings, muting strings
  • Unison tuning, harmonic tuning, octave tuning
  • Intonation, plectrum holding
  • The amp (amplifier)
  • Warm up and practice exercises
  • Timing, pick up tones demonstration
  • History and background of the electric guitar
  • 12 Bar blues, rock n roll
  • Chromatic scales and basics scale progression
  • How to set up, use your equipment and effects pedals
  • String height and playing action instructions
  • Absolute beginner start up guide
  • Correct hand and finger positioning
  • Good right and left hand technique
  • Progressive jam licks and new tricks
  • Ear training melody
  • Finger & thumb position, hand positions
  • Getting a good tone and sound
  • Master and Optimise your Playing

Guitar school for the beginner guitarist

Your first lesson gives you a sense of accomplishment by getting you playing right away. You will be comprehensively led through detailed easy to follow instructions on how to play blues, rock and pop.
Even if you have some experience as a guitarist and want to improve your playing skills, these lessons will help you because so much is covered, crammed full of tips, new ideas and techniques.

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Guitar Player News

You may want to try slide guitar. Normally works best if played on a guitar, can be acoustic or electric with the strings set a little higher than normal above the fret board that will allow the slide to move around the neck freely, without potential fret buzz.

There are various different types of slides available. Worth experimenting in order to find what suits your playing style and comfort best. So slides for the guitar can be made from glass, steel or bronze. There are shorter sizes as well for only playing several strings but not all at once.

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